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Why should the conductance electrodes of the experiment be plated with platinum black?

The sensitive material used in conductive electrodes is usually platinum, platinum black is plated on the platinum surface with a black fluffy metal platinum, the purpose is to reduce the polarization effect. The porous platinum black increases the surface area of the electrode, decreases the current density, decreases the polarization effect and reduces the capacitive interference. Platinum black electrodes, which are not plated with platinum black or poorly plated, produce very large measurement errors. Platinum black electrodes should not be dried in distilled water during storage. If the platinum black electrode is found to be contaminated or invalid, it can be immersed in 10% nitric acid or hydrochloric acid solution for two minutes, then washed with distilled water for further measurement. The platinum black electrode can also be re-plated. However, platinum black plating requires certain requirements and experience. The plating quality of the black coating has a great impact on the performance of the electrode.

There is a misunderstanding about the platinum black electrode in the instructions of some conductivity electrodes or conductivity meters in China. It is considered that the platinum black electrode is suitable for the solution with high conductivity. In fact, the platinum black electrode can be used to test several solutions with mu S/cm or even 0.1 mu S/cm, but the platinum black electrode is more stable in the solution with high conductivity. Fixed and accurate. Therefore, platinum black electrodes should be used for conductance electrodes greater than 1. Another advantage of bright electrodes is that the platinum plate surface can be wiped, while the platinum black electrode surface can never be wiped, can only be swayed in water cleaning.


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