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COD,Ammonia Nitrogen,Total Phosphate Reactor


XC-200 COD reactor is researched and produced by SINOTESTER Biological,it is a kind of laboratory instrument used together with chemical oxygen demand(COD) detection meter.And it widely used in the fields of electroplating,seawage plant,coal carbonization,paper making,petrochemical,pelage,process hides,pharmacy,food processing,etc,when the reactor is requested chemical oxygen demand detection.


  1. Structure is compact,the reactor can react 4 samples at the same time.

  2. The reactor using sealed with micro-return line for reacting without condensed water.

  3. The reactor can set the heating temperature between 20-180℃,and contains a thermalfuse that prevents overheating.

  4. The reactor can set the heating period between 0-120mins,and turning off the heating element automatically with warning beep.

  5. The reactor equips transparent plastic protection shield to protect the operator,and each tube is subjected by pressuring and heating test.


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