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COD,Ammonia Nitrogen,Total Phosphate Reactor

COD Tester is a water detection meter which is promoted by SINOTESTGER in 2019.Rapid digestion spectrophotometry,Nexler’s reagent spectrophotometry and molybdic acid spectrophotometry were used to test the concentrations of COD,ammonia nitrogen in the water. The reacting is used by digestion tube.The digestion and color comparison are combined in one. This instrument has below features: 1.No moving parts inside, high measurement accuracy. 2.Small amount of samples and reagents required, fast speed. 3.Professional optical circuit design,good optical stability. 4.Small size, light weight, protection grade IP65 or above. The instrument is strictly produced in accordance with ISO9001 2015 quality management system.And has been passed the strict test before leaving the factory.

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